5 habits that will help you in your healing journey

What is the process of healing?

Everyone will eventually have to go through the healing process. Though it hurts and takes time, healing can always be accomplished.

People mistakenly believe that their traumas have healed them because they no longer hurt but if you don’t make the necessary progress, you’ll constantly find yourself back where you started without even recognizing it.

When someone recovers from a trauma, they genuinely get why they experienced it and the lesson they needed to learn. 

Every obstacle in your life exists to force you to grow; the responsibility is on you to identify the things you need to change to overcome them.

If you wait for things to become better and choose not to acknowledge what was meant for you to acknowledge, you will not progress.

The healing process involves time, but completing the inner work is what matters most.

How do you find the lesson that has to be learned?

To begin with, learning your lesson will take work because you will have to confront aspects of yourself that you have likely always attempted to ignore.

To discover what you require to break free from your past and then figure out how to satisfy those requirements inside, you have to look deeper into your mind and spirit. Recall that your self is the source of your healing; outside of yourself, you can only find input. Nobody is going to help you leave if you don’t put in the necessary effort on your own.

Having said that, there are some everyday practices you can adopt to encourage self-reflection and help you comprehend the motivations behind certain events and the feelings they aspired to trigger in you.

1) read some books

There is no better way to learn and develop than through reading.

You can read books written by individuals who have studied psychology and human behavior at such a deep level that they can quickly help you identify patterns in yourself and areas that need improvement.

I began reading them about a year ago, and I can honestly say that their knowledge has helped me get to where I am today.

I am aware that reading self-help books can be difficult due to the significant mental strain and time commitment involved.

It can also irritate people who simply dislike reading. Because of these factors, I advise you to give the Audible service a try. It offers thousands of audiobooks that you can listen to whenever and wherever you choose.

With audiobooks, you can read your books without taking time away from other tasks while you acquire knowledge and complete your assignments.

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Additionally, I'd like to recommend a few books for you to start with:

The Mountain is You, Brianna Wiest

The book The Mountain is You teaches readers how to identify and overcome self-defeating habits.

I think this book is really powerful and one of the most transformative books I’ve ever read. The Mountain is You is your guide to freeing yourself from the past and from situations where you are stuck.

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

Living in the present moment is explored in a profound and transformative way in Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now.

Tolle explores the idea of mindfulness and the negative consequences of an overactive mind, offering helpful advice on how to release yourself from the constraints of constant thought and establish a connection with the timeless essence of being.

You’re a Badass, Jen Sincero

You’re very powerful. Jen Sincero is your comprehensive guide to transforming your thinking, taking chances, and realizing your potential to become the best version of yourself.

You’ll be able to recognize and get rid of any limiting beliefs that might be preventing you from moving forward. You will find exercises and practical steps to cultivate a proactive and optimistic outlook on life throughout the book.

The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

James Clear’s ground-breaking investigation of the science underlying habits and how small adjustments can have big effects is titled Atomic Habits.

Clear provides a useful framework for forming positive habits and kicking bad ones, breaking down the mechanics of habit formation. This book will show you how to create the lifestyle of your dreams.

James Clear, Atomic Habits

James Clear’s ground-breaking investigation of the science underlying habits and how small adjustments can have big effects is titled Atomic Habits.

Clear provides a useful framework for forming positive habits and kicking bad ones, breaking down the mechanics of habit formation. This book will show you how to create the lifestyle of your dreams.

2) write a journal

Keeping a journal is the way to reach your soul. Writing things down helps you clear your mind and sometimes even reveals sides of yourself you were unaware of.

You can learn about your inner child’s needs, unresolved feelings, limiting beliefs, and other things by journaling. If you have never kept a journal, it may seem not very easy, but all it takes is being honest with yourself.

You only need to journal when something triggers you; it’s not necessary to journal every day. Remember this when you experience resistance or anger toward something because, as previously discussed, understanding your triggers is essential to improving your self-awareness.


These are some props from which you can start from:

Why have I demonstrated these feelings?

What was my response to these feelings? How do I justify what I’ve done?

What does this trigger want to show me, exactly?

Do I have a limiting belief preventing me from moving forward?

Is there a connection of any kind between this behavior and my past traumas?

What tasks should I complete?

How can I set myself free? 

Additionally, there are numerous prompts available for you to start with. Some ideas can be found on the Pinterest board I’ve linked below.

Pinterest board pin

3) listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos

Books and podcasts have provided me with invaluable content on my journey of personal development.

Thousands of people have experienced exactly what you are going through; contrary to what you may believe, it is not impossible to leave where you are, you’re not alone.

All you have to do is look for people who are exactly like you and gain a great deal of insight from them.

podcasts and channel suggestions:

Aron Doughty’s channel: Aron Doughty examines subjects like mindfulness, manifestation, and increasing consciousness. He offers wisdom and useful advice to assist people in navigating their spiritual journeys and enhancing a variety of facets of their lives. You can connect with spirituality and meditate because of this channel, so you can too!

The Tony Robbins Podcast: Known business and life strategist Tony Robbins imparts his knowledge on success, motivation, and self-improvement. The podcast offers useful advice for improving different facets of life through interviews with experts and thought leaders.

Joe Dispenza’s channel: You can progress on your path to self-awareness by watching videos on Joe Dispenza’s channel about his teachings, workshops, and conversations on subjects like the brain, meditation, and the mind-body connection. Neuroscientist, author, and speaker Dr. Joe Dispenza is well-known for his contributions to the study of human potential and neuroscience. 

4) meditate

The secret to changing both your life and yourself is meditation.

When we hear the word meditation, we usually picture some sort of mystical guru or something similar, but in actuality, meditation is simply sitting by yourself and paying attention to your body; it doesn’t require any specific spiritual knowledge.

Silencing the outside world and concentrating on your inner world is the practice of meditation. This exercise is primarily about shifting your attention from your head to your heart to increase your vibration.

ways to begin meditating:

I want to start by saying that if you are new to meditation, it’s normal to feel like you’re not doing it right. Just keep at it.

I advise you to begin with 5–10 minutes of meditation. Although it may seem simple at first, you will quickly discover that it is difficult to stop thinking about your daily life, even for a short period.

Being consistent is essential to successful meditation; you’ll see incredible benefits. When you first wake up and right before bed is the ideal time to meditate.

guided meditation

Meditating on your own is extremely powerful. However, if you’ve never meditated before, you should give guided meditations a try.

If you want to focus on a specific area of yourself, such as childhood trauma, unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs, identity transformation, etc., guided meditations can be very helpful.

You can simply search for “thing I want to work on + meditation” on YouTube or Spotify to heal from a particular situation. Then, practice that meditation for a few days to help rewire your mind.

silent meditation

As I’ve previously stated, it’s crucial to learn to be present in the moment and let go of thoughts even when meditating in silence.

Alone meditation helps you focus on what’s important to you, which is very powerful because it allows you to temporarily let go of your problems and chaotic life.

5) go to the therapist

The first step towards self-healing is to visit a therapist. 

Since therapy provides a safe space to explore and understand our thoughts and emotions, it has the potential to be a transformative experience for all involved.

It aids in raising people’s quality of life and general mental health. Adopting this preventative strategy for mental health can lead to a more contented and well-rounded life.

You will discover aspects of yourself that you were previously unaware of when you converse with someone who approaches life from the standpoint of someone who has studied psychology. 

You won’t regret opening yourself to a stranger, even though it takes courage. I know it can sound scary, but it can also change your life. 

Go ahead and do it if you are holding yourself back because you are afraid of what other people will think of you. Everyone needs to visit a therapist because, as we should normalize, healing our souls is just as important as healing our bodies. 

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